Siddha Science (Sish Technology - Siddha Science - A Powerful Healing Technique)

Sish Technology is the new age science of Ancient Indian Origin, dealing with the balancing of life energies or ‘Vital forces’ of individuals with universal energy field for harmonious living. Cosmic energy flows into internal and external energy field of the individual, and auto balances the energy field achieving the health, peace and progress. As the energy field an admixture of Sthula, Sukshma and Athi-sukshma (Gross and subtle) energy bodies, its balance gives health and peace in life.

Sish Technology is simple, perfect and result oriented Yoga healing system founded by Dr. Swami Hardasji of Pune. It is practiced in number of cou`ntries like Thailand, Malaysia, Tanzania, Ghanta, Brazil, and USA etc. In India crores of people are practicing this system in the name of Siddha Science. The Sish Technology came into existence and placed before the mankind as an ideal of yoga, as the end as well as the means in human-life.

It is a unique method in achieving harmonious life enriched with health peace and progress. The health and peace foundation based in Pune is working towards this purpose. This system primarily works on to achieve Health as defined by World Health Organization as physical, mental emotional and spiritual health and a feeling of Social wellbeing of man. Like all other healing systems this is a science and the art of healing that utilizes ‘Ki’ or ‘life energy’ to heal the whole physical body of its psychosomatic illeness. It involves manipulation, auto balancing of the bioplasmic matter or energy body of the being. The life energy keeps the body alive and healthy. Every ancient civilization refers to energy and its uses in various languages. In India-Prana, China- Chi. Japan-Ki, Greece- Vital energy, Arabic- Ruah, Polynesian Pnuema.

The energy field can be measured by devices like Electro encephalograph, Electro cardiograph, and SQUID super conducting quantum interference device, Poly contrast interference photography. Many studies show that a dysfunction or abnormality in the energy fields will be more susceptible for disease, infection in the body. The energy event within the energy body or the auric field is primary and precedes the physical event (disease). Hence the disease appears first in energy body before manifesting at the grosser level in the form of physical body ailment. The healer projects energy into the body (energy field) of the Patient. All living and non living beings are surrounded by energy field or “AURA” . The energy field in and around the living being is called Plasma, which is the fourth state of matter. The first three being Solid, Liquid and Gaseous states. This is made up of positively and negatively charged particles. With the aid of Kirlian photography scientists have been able to study and observe the small bioplasmic images of organism. ... < more >

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